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Jeanette Kramer Traveler, Blogger, Entrepreneur

Jeanette Kramer
Traveler, Blogger, Entrepreneur

From Taipei to Istanbul, Amsterdam to Sao Paulo, Tokyo to Vancouver and a few places in between, this is my travel story. Based out of beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, I am an international education professional, entrepreneur, photographer, traveler & lover of social media.

I started my travels 15-odd years ago as an au pair; first in France and then in the Netherlands.  My own study & work abroad experiences were so wonderful and so profound that I have been working in the study-travel industry ever since; sharing my experiences and encouraging other young people to take advantage of all the opportunities and experiences that await them in this big, beautiful world.

My work has allowed me the opportunity to travel in about 20 different countries, some of them more than 20 times, meeting students and colleagues and taking pictures en route!  Through this blog, I hope to share my adventures and all the things I love along the way.

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