Jun 14

How to Speak Italian Without Saying a Word

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Body language is an important part of communication; experts say non-verbal communication accounts for anywhere up to 93% of language.  While that number is high and often disputed, there is no doubt that people use their bodies to express themselves.

When in Italy, it’s easy to see how body language, specifically hand gestures, are vital to the language and culture.  If you are studying Italian or living in Italy, it’s essential to learn the meaning behind the emphatic Italian hand gestures that define so much of what it is to be Italian.

Last month at the BlogVille apartment in Bologna, we bloggers settled in for a conversation (and a risotto!) with professor of Italian language and culture, Andrea Bernardoni, from ARCA Italian School.  He was kind enough to share his time, knowledge and humour about Italian culture, food, characteristics and gestures.  Today’s video specifically addresses Italian gestures, their meaning, advice on using gestures and a tidbit about “who is Italian“.

This lesson was arranged with the help of Emilia Romanga Tourism.  Grazie mille!

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  1. From Michael @ changes in Longitude:

    Growing up Italian-American this is so true. hand gestures and facial expressions go a long way in communicating.
    Michael @ changes in Longitude recently posted…My father’s greatest piece of adviceMy Profile

    Posted on June 17, 2013 at 7:28 pm #

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