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The Marius Fabre Savonnerie in Salon-de-Provence: A Marseille Soap Tour

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marseille soap tourI absolutely loved visiting the Savonnerie Marius Fabre in Salon-de-Provence last month; fascinating and a delight for the senses, this Marseille soap tour was full of lovely sweet smells, production secrets, family history and many appealing photo opportunities.

The family of Monsieur Marius Fabre has been creating and manufacturing the famous soap of Marseille, or savon de Marseillefor more than 110 years. For 4 generations, the Fabre’s have been perfecting the art of soap-making and sharing the tradition of this production procedure at their savonnerie and boutique in the sunny and lush landscapes of the south of France.

While the savonnerie produces a variety of natural, artisanal soaps it’s unique multi-purpose black liquid soap, unlike other black soaps made in the region, is made exclusively from olive oil, using a patented family recipe.

Made only from vegetable oils, all their products are gentle on the skin, efficient for washing delicate fabrics, are environmentally friendly and economical. The Marseillaise production procedure, which includes 10 days of baking in a hot cauldron and air-drying for 4 more days, ensures that the soap contains no impurities. The blocks of soap are still hand-cut and hand-stamped, respecting the same production regulations decreed by Louis XIV.

The Marius Fabre museum provides even more insight into the history of soap-making as well as its future. And the boutique boasts a host of luscious and sweet-smelling gift items.

Marius Fabre Soap 1

marseille soap factory

marseille soap factory tour

baking the soap

baking the soap in a hot cauldron

drying the soap

stamping the soap

drying the soap

hand-stamped soap

marius fabre soap collection

Marseille-Provence is the European Capital of Culture 2013. While I was a guest of Marseille-Provence and its tourism partners on this Marseille soap tour, all words, thoughts and images are my own.

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