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Oh Canada! 6 Must-Eat Canadian Recipes

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One of the most important elements of any trip overseas is being able to indulge in different cuisines from around the world. Whether you are a student seeking out cheap but tasty eats, are on holiday to a new land or a native simply wanting to sample new delights, Canada has a wide variety of culinary choices on offer. Because Canada is such a vast country, cuisine is dependent upon the area in which you are staying. Here is a look at six popular Canadian meals to try on your next visit.

Pea soup Untitled

This dish is one of most well known French Canadian dishes and is enjoyed right across Canada. There are approximately 6.5 million French Canadian’s in Canada, with the large majority living in Quebec and the Maritime Provinces in North-East Canada. The light soup is usually served at lunchtime with a helping of dumplings or doughboys.

Untitled1‘Beaver Tails’

This witty pastry is flattened to look like a beaver’s tail which is deep fried in hot cooking oil. This long, indulgent treat is then finished off with a layer of butter and a variety of pancake toppings including
chocolate spread and pieces of banana.



This dish comprised of cheese curds, chips and gravy has spread from Quebec to across Canada and beyond. This traditional recipe is now being hailed in the eateries of Manhattan with gourmet bistro-style versions of the rustic classic.


This favourite in Montreal has been shaped by its French speaking inhabitants from North Africa and the Arab world, which make up around 20% of the population. As a result, visitors can savour Morrocan, Algerian and Tunisian variations of this filling dish.



Migrants from Mexico have also influenced the Canadian cuisine from food trucks across Canada to delis and traditional restaurants. From the large cities of Ontario and Quebec in the east, to small towns in the west such as Tofino, this popular cuisine is loved by many Canadian’s. Many Tofino hotels are close to the Mexican delis in the town including the Breaker’s Deli and the Fiesta Taco.

Smoked meat sandwichesUntitled4

Another signature dish from the city of Montreal is its warm smoked meat sandwiches served on rye bread with a hint of mustard. This cuisine originated in the Jewish delis in the city, some of which date back to the 1920’s. The spices and processes used in curing the beef make these sandwiches stand out from those found in an American deli.


Which Canadian meal do you like most?


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    Great blog…Poutine is a must try but definitely still not fully sure I like it! Cesars are another great option. Not sure if there a N.American thing or Canadian, but only tried them here after moving her from the UK. If you’re ever in Whistler let us know. We’d love to chat about travel blogging! Cheers Eric
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