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Oggi, io sono in Umbria! (or Today, I’m in Umbria!)

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I’ve been in Bari, Puglia for 6 weeks or so, working on some projects and learning some Italian.  So far my language ability is limited to a few useful phrases such as “mi dispiace, non parlo italiano” (sorry I don’t speak Italian), “un cono con due gusti, per favore” (a cone with 2 flavours, please) and “non capisco” (I don’t understand).  However, I had great opportunity while in Umbria last month to test out some new words and phrases. One phrase I was taught by a charming Italian (aren’t they all!) while on a boat tour of Lake Trasimeno was “Oggi, io sono in Umbria!” (Today, I’m in Umbria!).  And so here are a few photos from that lovely day in Umbria, specifically from our blogging group’s boat tour of Lake Trasimeno, the largest natural lake in Italy (60 km around) and Isola Maggiore, the largest island on the lake which is a part of the Comune of Tuoro sul Trasimeno, a quaint Italian town just north of the lake and a popular area for agri-tourism in Umbria.

With about 10-odd bloggers (-odd bloggers, not odd bloggers!) we set out by boat in the morning just as the sun came through the clouds to greet us at this regional park!

We breezed by Castiglione del Lago, which was once an island but now is a well-developed city on the southwestern shoreline of the lake.

Castiglione del Lago

Below you will see Castello Guglielmi or Villa Isabella, where San Francesco di Assisi (St Francis of Assisi) stayed for 40 days.  He lived on Isola Maggiore as a hermit from 1211. Nowadays, the fishing village on the island has a current population of about 20 people and is visited by about 120,000 tourists per year.

Isola Maggiore

We stopped for a lovely lunch, al fresco, on the island which consisted mainly of fish from the lake.

Isola Maggiore


Following the long, leisurely lunch we ventured on to explore the island, through the fishing village, stopping to see the lace museum where traditional Irish lace-making was introduced in the 1900’s.  A top the hill we found incredible views of the lake, the small but ornate church of San Michele (Saint Michael the Archangel) as well as an enchanting family cemetery.

Cemetery atop Isola Maggiore

The blogging group was joined this day by many wonderful people including the deputy mayor of Tuoro, a couple of tour guides, cameramen, PR people from Regione Umbria and restauranteurs who were all very proud to show us around this regional park and beautiful protected and preserved area.

It was amusing to see the traditional media covering the new media on this day trip and to be included the next day in a newscast on Italy’s channel Rai 3; a short story about travel bloggers exploring and promoting the region of Umbria through social media.

Traditional Media Covers New Media

We closed this day with a feast at the nearby Antico Casale Country House & Spa. It was an incredible evening with a friendly competition between 2 chefs, serving an endless and delicious 8 course meal deserving of it’s own blog post. Stay tuned!

On this day, I was a guest of the Tourist Board of Regione Umbria.  All words and images are my own.

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  1. From Umbria on the Blog:

    I’ve been a late convert to the lake, but it has finally won me over. Definitely more charming in the shoulder seasons…the summer months it gets pretty crowded with sunbathers!

    Posted on May 29, 2012 at 12:35 pm #


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