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Travel Bloggers Unite, BlogVille and Other Great Reasons To Be in Italy!

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As many of you know, I recently arrived in Italy to work on a few projects as well as attend some very exciting events promoting all the marvelous things that Italy has to offer.  So much to look forward to with the hopes of improving my Italian language skills along the way!

To start with, I have settled comfortably in Bari at Campus X – Terra di Puglia! Campus X is a contemporary and innovative student and traveler residence providing top notch facilities at 3 locations in this wonderful country: Roma, Chieti and Bari.  This will be my home-base and office while I live and work in Italy.

Over the next several months, I will be visiting and blogging about numerous schools in Europe, seeking out and promoting the best study and work abroad programs for young Europeans and Canadians!  Between Canada and Europe thousands and thousands of visas are available for students and young professionals to gain valuable career experience on either side of the pond.  So whether you are a European planning to study, work or explore Canada or a Canadian wanting to further your education and career in Europe, there is a plethora of programs available to you!

From the blogger side of things, there is also much to look forward to as I attend the Travel Bloggers Unite conference in Umbria, meeting other travelers and technophiles from around the world while learning how the travel blogging business is growing and changing.  Following this conference, TBU and it’s lovely, generous partners in Umbria, Italy are providing us lucky bloggers with a chance to explore the region for 2 days, taking in some of the fantastic sights, destinations and novelties of Umbria.  I was instantly sold on the tour that will take us to the Perugina Chocolate Factory, Museum and Cooking School with a little lesson from an Italian pastry chef.  Yum!  Many more delicious details to come!

All this traveling and blogging leads me to 2 more great weeks participating in BlogVille Emilia Romagna where I will spend 1 glorious week in June at a beautiful apartment in the seaside resort of Rimini and another week in May in the heart of historical Bologna.  The BlogVille project is a unique way for the Regione Emilia Romagna and it’s supporters, Traveldudes and Budget Traveller, to promote the area in all it’s diversity and expose the best of everything from the creative and personal perspective of travel bloggers and social media followers worldwide! Grande idea!

BlogVille Emilia Romagna: eat, feel and live like a local in Italy

Bloggers will now have their own home, a perfect place from where they can start to discover Italy and the Emilia Romagna region. Thanks to the BlogVille project you will be able to capture the essence of “local” life and experience and share things with other bloggers.

From the 23rd of April to the 31st of May in Bologna and from the 2nd of June to the 14th of July in Rimini, BlogVille Emilia Romagna, thanks to two apartaments, will be the perfect place from where you can start to discover Italy and the Emilia Romagna region. We will give you access of the local life and immerse yourself in the “Italian way”. We will also help you to create an interesting itinerary for you and your readership throughout the Emilia Romagna, and of course BlogVille will be the perfect place to experience and share things with other bloggers.

                                                                   ~ APT Servizi Regione Emilia Romagna

I am so excited to be a part of this forward-thinking project and to spend the months ahead delving into Italian culture, language and society!  I hope you’ll join me and follow my adventures in bella Italia! Find me on Twitter @jeanettekramer and on Latitude International Education’s Facebook page.

Buona giornata a tutti!

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3 Responses to “Travel Bloggers Unite, BlogVille and Other Great Reasons To Be in Italy!”

  1. From Jessica:

    Hi there!
    If U need any tips do NOT esitate to write me: i’m italian, born in Puglia ,Taranto actually, you should ho down there and discover the beautiful COSTA SALENTINA, starting from Taranto driving to Otranto… Luky you!
    Moreover i lived in Bologna for 10 years and my husband is from a small beautiful Town close to Rimini: Cesenatico. I have to tell you tha Rimini IS much more for family… Try to Riccione, definetly better!
    Now I live in Rome si, really just ask if you font want to stumble in tourist trap!!!

    Posted on April 11, 2012 at 11:50 pm #
    • From latitude:

      Hi Jessica, thanks for the comment! I will definitely enjoy my time in Italy. Stay tuned for more details about all these great places!

      Posted on April 12, 2012 at 3:20 am #
  2. From Jessica:

    Ps sorry for typing mistakes! iPhone u know!!

    Posted on April 11, 2012 at 11:53 pm #

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