Oct 31

Teşekkürler, Turkey!

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Business on the Bosphorus

I’ve been in Istanbul all week long; working hard, devouring the food and enjoying the genuine Turkish hospitality. I probably should have taken some time to see the sights but I really would rather spend my time working, chatting and eating with students, colleagues and friends.

I was lucky enough to be invited to enjoy a lovely business dinner with an agent at a posh restaurant along the Bosphorus Strait. My low-grade iPhone photo proves just how fantastic the view was! Had I brought my real camera and tripod I surely would have more interesting photos to share. Either way, it was an evening full of good food, good business and good company!

Turkish food is diverse, evenly spiced and very palatable. Tea, assorted cheeses and breads round-out most meals. My new favourite snack, found often at donair shops, is içli köfte and ayran which I’m unlikely to find in Vancouver. Ayran is a yoghurt-like drink (think buttermilk but thinner and foamy-ier) and içli köfte is similar to a kroket – a sort of pastry stuffed with savoury minced meat and deep-fried. Of course, this post wouldn’t be complete with out mentioning baklava – wonderful, sticky, sweet Turkish desserts full of nuts and honey.

Michael Jackson – This Is It!

In between meetings and trade fairs, I bought a ticket (just 8 Turkish Lira!) to the world premier of Michael Jackson’s This Is It docu-concert in Istanbul. I kept myself awake until midnight on opening night and headed down to the Cine Majestic theatre on İstiklal Caddesi in Taksim to catch the event. The show was electric; full-of contagious old-Michael music, dance moves and effects! This Is It will remind the world just why Michael Jackson will forever be known as the King of Pop. Too bad I was only one of 20-some people in the theatre that night! I thought Turkey had more love for Michael!

It’s now exactly one week post-arrival in Istanbul and I’ve loved every minute of being here. Soon I’ll depart from Ataturk Airport (IST) with Lufthansa; I’m off to Berlin for the industry-famous ICEF Workshop for more work, more great food and more great people!

Teşekkürler, Turkey & friends! I hope to be back soon!

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