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Top 4 Experiences in Armenia

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Since the 1990s Armenia has become an increasingly popular tourist destination.  It’s a mystery to me and invokes a touch of curiosity and daydreaming. I’m wondering what exactly is there to see, taste and do on a trip to Armenia, this country at the crossroads of Asia and Europe. So in this post, I let my more experienced friends tell us about the top four must-have experiences in Armenia.


Are you tired of spending your holidays in the same familiar places and do you want to try something completely new? Do you want to explore an ancient country and get absolutely new experience? Then a trip to Armenia is what you need. This small country has a lot to offer to its foreign guests. Just read on and you will learn about top 4 things to experience in Armenia.

12080145_1514824772169588_1397420852762939630_oAncient monasteries and temples

Did you know that Armenia is sometimes called «the museum under the open sky»? And that is not by chance: although the present territories of the country are ten times smaller than Historic Armenia there are thousands of unique historical monuments, ancient majestic monasteries and temples and other no less attractive sights here. But in spite of this diversity of attractions we advise you to pay special attention to the Armenian religious sites. After all, Armenia is the first country in the world which adopted Christianity as the state religion and since that important event the monuments of Christianity have occupied a special place in the history of this country. Visiting Armenian monasteries, you will experience a special and unique feeling. Their simple but at the same time majestic architecture will not leave anyone indifferent. So if you are planning a trip to Armenia be sure that at least some of the amazing sights which will be presented below are included into your must-visit list.

Primarily we advise to visit Echmiadzin town and to see its amazing Echmiadzin Cathedral and churches of St. Hripsime and Gayane. This town is considered the religious center of all Armenians and the residence of Armenian Catholicos. It’s exactly here that the first Christian church in the world was constructed. So, this famous place should necessarily be on the top of your must-visit list. The next attraction that should not be missed is, of course, the monastery of Geghard that surprises by its absolutely unique carved in the rock architecture. The other amazing destinations that should be added in the list are the Tatev Monastery with its longest rope way in the world, the Khor Virap Monastery with its breathtaking view to the Mount Ararat, Sanahin and Haghpat Monasteries known as UNESCO objects and the Monastery of Sevanavank with its view to the greatest Lake Sevan.

Local national dishes

What travel trip can be complete without tasting local dishes? Armenia has much to offer in this case. The taste of local dishes will be an absolutely new experience for you. The choice of the dishes mainly depends on the season you are visiting the country. For example, in summer the best choice will be, of course, summer Armenian tolma without which it is impossible to imagine any Armenian table. It is prepared of various seasonal vegetables like eggplants, tomatoes, green peppers that are stuffed with minced meat. Summer period in Armenia is also known for the abundance of bright juicy fruits, among which the most popular is apricot.  Nowhere else on earth an apricot has such a delicious flavor and aroma!

In winter season, the best choice will be the thick soup khash prepared from beef feet and rumen and cooked during 7 hours until the water becomes a thick broth. For Armenians khash is one of the most favorite dishes that gathers all the relatives and friends at one table.

For seafood lovers, we advise visiting Lake Sevan where you can order different dishes prepared from Armenian royal-fish «ishkhan» (Armenian trout).


Educational museums

Yerevan, the ancient capital of Armenia, is sometimes called «the city of museums and galleries». We advise starting the exploring of Armenian museums from Mashtots Avenue where proudly stands the world famous Matenadaran. It is a repository of ancient manuscripts and miniature paintings with the greatest collection in the world. By walking through museum rooms, you will get the unique experience and realize that no electronic book can substitute a real one.

Those who are interested in history can visit The National Museum of History which is located in the very heart of Yerevan, at the Republic Square. The museum will get you acquainted with about 400.000 exhibits representинг interesting archeological finds, sculpted reliefs, labor items and many other things belonging to the ancient inhabitants.

Colorful shopping

No tourist leaves the foreign country with empty hands. For those wishing to purchase bright colorful national souvenirs, Armenia has much to offer. Visit the famous “Vernissage” fair with its huge variety of national handmade souvenirs and paintings, or go to the center of Yerevan on Abovyan Street where it is possible to buy old Armenian carpets and other rarities. Those who wish to take the national products and delicacies can go to the covered markets, for example, “GUM”, and choose among a huge number of sweets, dried fruits, cheeses, local honey, spices and seasonings, and other national products.


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