May 05

#TBUMBR, How Not to Speak Italian and Fantasy Music Videos

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Here are a few things I found on the web recently that I think are share-worthy, fun and interesting.  Hope you enjoy too!  Happy Weekend!


Lately I’ve been following all things related to Umbria on the Blog and Travel Bloggers Unite (#TBUMBR on twitter). If you’ve never visited Italy or if you’re looking for a new, unique destination in Italy, aside from Rome, Venice, Florence and the other usual suspects, you absolutely *must* go to Umbria. Lush and green, rich with local wines, foods and fabulous chefs, offering adventure and agri-tourism, spas, saints and history and of course, one of the top foreign universities for studying the Italian language, Umbria is absolutely not to be missed!  See my growing collection of photos from Umbria on Flickr.

You may already know, there is an unspoken language in Italy; one that everybody knows and consists only of hand-gestures. So if you want to speak Italian, without ever saying a word, this is the video for you!


If you’re anything like me and you love lemony things, then you might just enjoy these 2 recipes: Quick Lemony Pasta and from our recent blogger’s trip to the Perugina chocolate museum, factory and school, Perugina’s Cioccolatino al Limoncello (limoncello ganache-filled dark chocolates) – YUM!


On another note, I love the fantasy that goes with this song and I’m sure you will too! Creative, creative!

And a happy, catchy tune to stick in your head.

Colour & Design

If you’re into visual arts, colour and design, then you will certainly enjoy and appreciate this colour skills game; click on the wheel below.








Buon weekend a tutti!

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  1. From Adam:

    I recently stumbled on that color wheel game, too – addicting and fun!

    Posted on May 5, 2012 at 1:30 pm #

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