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Eat like a local in Amsterdam: FEBO

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febo amsterdamWhenever we travel abroad, we often try to gain a sense of authenticity while immersed in an entirely new culture, staying away from the comforts of home to embrace the life of the locals. There is more to exploring a country than those traditional tourist itineraries, and according to Travel Weekly, our hunger for real local experiences is evidently changing the way that we travel today.

One way to capture those genuine local experiences is through food. Parking4Less explains that people’s travel expectations are continuously rising, always being on the lookout for unique dining experiences even at places like the airport, although airport restaurants can only do so much to satisfy our cravings for authenticity. You have to dive into the local lifestyle, eating whatever and however they eat. Bitterballenbruid blogger Hayley says that the Dutch are huge fans of anything deep fried and hate the idea of queuing, and there’s no better place to witness all that than at fast food chain, FEBO.

FEBO isn’t your typical eatery that has tables and counters where you line up to order. Rather, FEBO is a “snack wall” that dispenses hot food, a concept, which was quite popular in the U.S. before fast food restaurants started serving over the counter. What started out as a bread and cake shop in 1941 is now a vending machine that sells freshly baked goods and hot meals, bringing back the historical automat which Americans unfortunately failed to revive. The abundance of FEBO is now a permanent fixture in Dutch lifestyle, with more than 20 automats in Amsterdam and more than 60 across the Netherlands.

One of the best features of FEBO is the fact that they operate 24 hours-a-day, feeding locals even after a night of clubbing with meals and snacks that only set them back a few euros. These yellow and red automats are hard to miss, so if you’re ever in Amsterdam, feast on FEBO’s local delicacies. Elle Australia recommends savoury treats like Bitterballen (battered meatballs) and Kaassouffle (deep fried pockets with Gouda). If you’re craving something on the sweeter side, have a sample of Stroopwafels (caramel-filled waffles) or Poffertjes (mini pancakes with butter and maple syrup).

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