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Serviced Apartments in Seoul

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Each time I’m in Seoul, Korea I stay at the M Chereville in Gangnam. While the location is super convenient and with walking distance of the vast majority of my appointments as well as all the food and entertainment you need, I vow each time I stay at the Chereville that I will never stay there again. In all the times I’ve been

to Korea I’ve learned that Koreans generally value price over quality and this is reflected at the M Chereville. Don’t get me wrong, it is a reasonably nice facility but the unpredictable water temperature and hard bed sometimes make me feel as if I’m camping. And camping is exactly what you don’t want to do on a business trip.
That being said, the M Chereville is priced just right at about 98,000 KRW (about $95 CAD) on This price includes a small daily buffet breakfast on the 5th floor and amenities that you would not normally find in a hotel such as free (or included, depending on how you spin it) high-speed internet access, laundry facilities in each unit and a kitchenette. Regarding internet access, I have found that the more expensive the hotel, the more expensive the internet access tends to be. And internet is something I definitely cannot and will not live without while on the road. I need to be able to download all my favourite tv shows. Oh and yes, I need to be able to work.
These are indeed apartments, spacious bachelors suites and one-bedrooms, that are suitable for any long-term

business traveler, tourist or English teacher. A small kitchen including a 2-burner cooktop, fridge and freezer and all necessary utensils helps to make this home away from home. However, if you plan to cook for yourself,finding a supermarket can be a challenge in Seoul but you can always head over to level B1 at the Shinsegae department store at the Express Bus Terminal Station which is only a hop/skip/jump away from Gangnam station. Being a business traveler that spends weeks and weeks on the road, I’ve also come to genuinely appreciate having a washer / dryer in the suite as well. A small instruction booklet with diagrams in English and Japanese explains how to use the steam-shower, air conditioner, washer/dryer, hot water heater and more.
As with many types of accommodation these days, there is a small fitness centre and business area. This is located on the 5th floor near the reception area. I’m not one to exercise (I know, I know, I should…) so I can’t really attest to the quality of the equipment at the Chereville but it looks nice and appears functional.

I’ve heard from my colleagues that there are similar residences or serviced apartments just a little further away but still near Gangnam station that might, just might be, a bit better quality than the M Chereville. One friend
told me to try out the Coatel. She even said the layout and look is identical to the Chereville and I have a hunch they are owned by the same company so I’m not actually much more confident that the quality would be any better.
Considering I’m in Korea about 3 times a year and stay each time at the Chereville, I think I can say that the convenience, location and price of this serviced apartment definitely outweigh the sometimes questionable quality. While the bed is hard and the water temperature unpredictable, it is my home away from home in Seoul and making a change is sometimes just not worth the hassle. While I might moan a bit about the M Chereville, you’ll be sure to find me there on my next trip to Seoul. Unless the price goes up…

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