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Start the Day at the Stayokay Rotterdam: Hostel Review

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photo (11)Nevermind my sweeping generalization, if there is one thing I’ve learned from having lived in the Netherlands for a year as well as coming from an oversized Dutch family, is that the Dutch are clean. Impeccable, shiny, spotless. Generally. This same generalization can be applied to the Stayokay Hostel Rotterdam. Bright and polished, the Stayokay Rotterdam was my home for 5 nights while attending the most recent Travel Bloggers Unite conference in May.

I knew the hostel was located in the famous cube houses near metro Blaak which is relatively easy to get to from central station. I had no idea, however, that this architectural wonder would be so easy to spot upon exiting the station. The entrance to Stayokay was another story which I finally found with the help of a friendly Rotterdamer. After lugging my luggage (oh, that’s why they call it that!) across some streets and back, up a few flights of stairs and around a few corners, I was finally greeted by a glowing orange reception area and a large seating area, cafeteria and bar.

I shared a 4-bed dorm room with 3 other bloggers that weekend; each bed laid out with hermetically sealed linens and clean rubber mattresses, which is certainly one way to impress this girl. The room was baren and simple, lacking enough hooks and hangers for 4 women but still comfortable and quaint. Free, fast wi-fi was available in the common areas but inaccessible from the room, which we didn’t spend much time in anyway.

Breakfast was key; complete, nutritious and very Dutch … right down to the colourful sprinkle sandwichs which brought me briefly back to my childhood. There were many highlights of these 6-odd days in Rotterdam, namely the conference and the late nights out. The Stayokay Hostel made a great place to lay my weary head and to start each day. Top marks from me for cleanliness, wi-fi and a very yummy breakfast.

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During this conference, I was a guest of Stayokay Rotterdam. All thoughts and images are my own.

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