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June 9, 2012

Photo 2/30 – 30 Photos Project

Today’s photo for this  free artwork project is from beautiful Kihei on the island of Maui. So many great Maui moments had with my family here! I am using this project to connect with people from around the world, share my artwork and hopefully brighten someone’s day by bringing something online to life, to someone’s […]

September 5, 2011

Me, My Dad & My Hawkeye ♥

This tried & true Brownie Hawkeye Flash camera was given to me by my Brother who acquired it somehow from our Dad. Dad picked it up in the late 1950’s as a young, Dutch immigrant guy living & farming in Southern Alberta. Seeing that I love this camera so much and tote it around faithfully […]

June 19, 2010

Brownie Hawkeye Maui Edition

You might have noticed, I like photography. All the photos on this blog are my own. Either created in the lovely natural light of my apartment or taken somewhere on the road, usually outside of Canada and occasionally somewhere on the lower mainland. I recently rediscovered an old camera of my dads; a cool little […]

June 9, 2010

Another Place & Time: Mostly Maui

Makena Park, Maui 2010